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Job Category: Professional Exempt,
FT Department: Hope Center

Position Purpose:  Provides person-centered intake, assessment and case management services to individuals in need of rental supplements provided by Erie County Department of Social Services (ECDSS) and manages an assigned caseload of 40 program participants. The RSC is responsible for processing ECDSS supplement applications and document collection from clients and their perspective Landlords. Assistance with goal setting, budgeting and apartment searches are required. All home and field visits are reimbursable by mileage.

Program/Service Delivery, Quality, and Growth:

  • Perform Rental Supplement Program intake and screening procedures for DSS referrals to include document collection, data entry to applicable management information systems and/or electronic health records.
  • Adhere to agency guidelines for initial contact and screening of participants.
  • Participate in weekly referral status meetings with department leadership.
  • Advocate for and assist clients in applying for Rental Supplement payments, public assistance and/or other entitlements.
  • Monitor program applications, client follow-ups, recertifications, emergency assistance and/or denials.
  • Create a financial plan to identify gaps and trends to improve money management skills and self-sufficiency goals or outcomes.
  • Promote the appropriate use of community resources in order to improve the quality of client engagement and client satisfaction.
  • Provide short term financial coaching with clients to assist with budgeting, credit repair, and access to financial services.
  • Provide service linkage to applicable resources and community services.
  • Promote the appropriate use of financial resources in order to improve economic stability and to enhance participant satisfaction.
  • Responds on a timely basis to telephonic, e-mail, or other communications related to program participants, internal correspondence, or outside communications related to the RSP position.
  • Provides additional activities that include mailings, electronic communications, with program participants, ECDSS and various community service providers.
  • Performs recordkeeping/documentation, statistical, tracking, and quality assurance activities according to contractual and BFNC specifications.
  • Works effectively with all colleagues to identify provide necessary services to all program participants.
  • Establishes relationships with community providers, property owners and property management offices to build active liaison relationships.
  • Stays current on all regulatory policy, process, and system updates pertaining to the Rental Supplements Program.


Qualifications: Associates degree in Human Services with 3 years work experience in related field or bachelor’s degree in Human Services or related field with 2 years work experience in Financial Counseling/Education and/or Housing Programs preferred.

  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain an even temperament in crisis or emergency situations and consistently use superior interpersonal skills in collaborating with other providers and person-centered community support systems.
  • Value cultural difference, collaborative efforts, and person-centered services.
  • Maintains confidentiality in all interactions with program participants and service providers.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Erie County housing programs, SPOE process, and working with homeless populations.
  • Provide support to persons with mental illness, chemical dependency, disabled and senior populations.
  • Ability to work independently, using time management and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrate strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills.
  • Working knowledge of financial literacy, education, and empowerment perspectives.
  • Must have car and a valid NYS Driver’s License and pass a criminal background check.
  • Strong judgment, problem solving, and time management skills are essential
  • Must exhibit a passion for BFNC’s vision, mission and values and act as a role model and ambassador for agency values and responsible practices.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and all other required technology expertise with the proven ability to enter data into BFNC systems.

For further information and/or to submit resume and cover letter, please send to:

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position

The job specifications cited in this Job Description are not to be interpreted to be a complete list of all the qualifications and performance expectations needed to perform this job adequately. Management can at its discretion add, drop, or change at any time the duties, responsibilities, and expectations of this job.

This job description does not constitute an offer of employment, continuous employment, or an employment contract.

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